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Series HFZ Pneumatic Classifier

Series HFZ Pneumatic Classifier

Type: Powder Processing Equipment
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  • Applicable Scope
As a forced centrifugal classifier with secondary air entry and stand grading rotor, the classifier is composed of grading rotor, guide vane rectifier and screw feeder. The materials are fed through the upper cartridge and the grains will be sieved and well distributed by the incoming air, which brings the grain to the grading zone. The centrifugal force produced by the fast rotation of gather in the centripetal force by the pneumatic atheism act on the grading grains when the centrifugal force on the grain is greater than the centripetal force. The coarse grains above the grading range will be suirled down along the untrained wall, the second air will be rectified to uniform cockney through the guide wane and separate the thinner grains from the discharge port. The thinner grains below the grading range will be blasted to cyclone separator and collector whereas the purified air will be vented outside.
  • Technical Features

1.High grading precision to strictly control the size of particle with the special design.

2.The grading point can be freely adjusted by the grading rotor and the air-processing capacity to get the wanted product in large scope.

3.The vertical single impeller makes the flow field stable with high processing capacity and high grading efficiency.

4.Multi-pole concatenated structure can separate the particles in different sizes simultaneous.

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