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Series HFW Pneumatic Classifier

Series HFW Pneumatic Classifier

Type: Powder Processing Equipment
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  • Applicable Scope
Classifier and Cyclone separator, dust collecter, draft fan compose a hierarchy. Under the effect of draft fan, materials go into the classification area with rising air from the feed input at the bottom of classifier. Under the effect of strong centrifugal force caused by the high-speed rotary turbine role, course particles and fine particles separate. The fine particles meeting the requirements of particle size go into the cyclone seperator or dust collector visa the gap of classifier leaves. Coarse particles along with part of fine particles diappear immediatlle after impacting the wall and then fall down to the secondary tuyere department.Under the washing effect of secondary wind, coarse particles and fine particles separate. Fine particles go up to the classification area to be classified second time, while coarse particles go down to discharge from the outlet.
  • Technical Features

Applicable to dry products refined classification; could be graded as spherica and irrigular shade particles; could also grade the different density of particles
Graded products granularity to D97:3~150 micrometers, adjustable products granularity-level, extremely convenient to replace species
Classification efficiency (extraction rate) 60%~90%, which is inflenced by metarials and consistent of the particles meeting the granularity; with good mobility and high consistent of the particles meeting the granularity, the materials classification efficiency is high; while without those, the efficiency is low.
High speed and top-cutting precision.
Multi-level classification machine can be cascaded , and production of various products granularity
With the ball mill, vibration grinding, grinding, Raymond contacted powders equipment used to form the closed circuit cycle
Control system using programmed control to indicate real-time operational status; easy to operate
Filtration system operation, dust emissions is not exceeding 40mg/m3, equipment noise through the use of snipers, not more than 75dB (a).

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