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Series HS Pneumatic Jet Mill

Series HS Pneumatic Jet Mill

Type: Powder Processing Equipment
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  • Applicable Scope
Series HS pnematic jet mill is a device adopting high-speed airflow to fine dry material. It is made up with milling box, classifier, material-deeding device, air supplying and collecting system.As the material goes into the crushing chamber by way of material-feeding device, the presssure air is ejected into the crushing room at high speed through the special designed nozzle. The material accelerates in the jet of high-speed, and then rubs, impacts. The pulverized material goes into the calssifying room with rising airflow. Owning to the high rotary speed of calssifier, the particle is effected by the centrifugal force produced by the classifying rotor and centripetal force generated from the pneumatic stickiness.The coarse particles are swirled back to milling chamber for further pulverization, as the centrifugal force is stronger than centripetal force. The fine particle flows into the cyclone separator along with airflow and is gathered by the collector.The purified air will be vented out from induced draft fan.
  • Technical Features

With the self-innovation designed energy congregating fluidized bed cyclone ejecting jet mill, it features with lower energy consumption, saving more than 30 percent of energy compared with the traditional jet mill under the same situation. The self-diffluent micro-powder classifier and the vertical impeller with lower rotary speed, steady run and unique sealed structure help the granular size meet the requirement for the granularity. Compared with the other classifiers, this type of machine is of higher cutting precision and classifying efficiency.

The system power is excellent with lower power and unit energy-consumption.

Running in wholly-sealing negative pressure, the complete system features with automatized control and simple operation

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