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GMT-II High Frequency Pulse Demagnetizer

GMT-II High Frequency Pulse Demagnetizer

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  • Applicable Scope
GMT series high frequency pulse demagnetizer is mainly used for the demagnetization before classification, screening or filtering before magnetic separation process, featuring remarkable demagnetization results. This equipment can effectively increase the classifying and screening efficiency and lower the moisture of the ore concentrate filter cake, so that the comprehensive index of mineral separation can be enhanced.
  • Technical Features

1. Using CNC circuit boards, integrated circuits making use of imported brand-name, and to take appropriate measures to effectively isolate the main circuit board of the interference of the NC. Ensure reliability, stability and durability.
2. using ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe, its degree of wear is 4-7 times that of steel. Demagnetization coils seal, good insulation, no pulp can not burn coil empty load operation, for work in the mines and other harsh operating environments.

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