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Northeastern University School of resource and civil engineering "scholarship award ceremony Huate electric-magngtic"

April 13 afternoon, Han Qing, the ruler of the synagogue, the first Northeastern University resources and civil engineering, "Huate magnetoelectric scholarship award ceremony was held. Company president Wang Zhaolian, vice president of Liu Fengliang and Northeast University Alumni Association, the Council, Lihe, director of the office of the management foundation, college secretary of the Party Committee Li Hui Wang, vice president Han Yuexin, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president Liu Wei and all the award-winning students attend the ceremony. The award ceremony was presided over by Wu Di, director of the office of student affairs at the University.

The ceremony was first announced by Han Yuexin, the winners of the list of students, respectively, after the leadership of the company and the leadership of the university to get scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students awards. Winning student representatives Lei Yang speech, expressed Huate magnetoelectric company to set up a scholarship of gratitude, also said they will make persistent efforts to achieve more excellent results. Li He, director of the Zhang Xueliang education foundation for Wang Zhaolian, the chairman of the board awarded the donation certificate. Subsequently, Wang, chairman of the company to introduce a brief introduction to the company's work direction, development prospects and the significance of setting up a scholarship. Finally, Li Hui Wang Secretary to all the award-winning students congratulated and on behalf of the college, I thank you for the company to set up a scholarship to help students grow talent, hope all the award-winning students learn to be grateful, and social returns.

After the end of the ceremony, executive vice president Liu Fengliang for Northeastern University Soil Resources Institute of mineral processing engineering students do a report about the large-scale magnetic processing equipment and technology application.